Where To Buy Size Genetics UK

Where To Buy Size Genetics UK

Size Genetics Review

Lengthens, Strengthens and Straightens…

Size Genetics is a penis enlargement device with the capacity for truly massive gains80c74250236478f9da93b369874a2807 in overall penis size and girth.

A clinically approved type 1 medical device that is recognised and used by medical professionals worldwide..

Originally developed to help support penises after surgery, its ability to increase length and girth was soon appreciated, leading to Size Genetics becoming the best selling device of its kind in the world..

Its also clinically recommended in the treatment of Peyronies Disease (curvature)

Using the latest in traction technology, the makers have pushed the envelope by using 2,800 grams of tension to provide faster, larger and more impressive results without injury or damage to the penis.

It’s not the first penis enlarger that’s tried to increase levels of tension but it’s the only device with a high amount of tension that is safe. Which is why we urge you to stay away from those other dubious poor quality extenders (particularly from China) that claim to use even higher amounts of tension but have no clinical evidence to back up their claims or any proof that their devices are even safe for use.

Size Genetics on the other hand, has years of research, study and clinical trials under its belt to verify its efficacy, safety and effectiveness at enlarging your penis permanently. 


It also helps to treat embarrassing and often debilitating conditions such as Peyronie’s disease (condition in which the penis is obviously ‘bent’ or curved to one side) and Micro penis (having a penis that is under 2 inches in length). These conditions can make it almost impossible to have or indeed enjoy sex, which is why Size Genetics is so useful.

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Size Genetics Benefits

  • Treats Peyronies disease and curvature of the penis
  • Medical type 1 device 
  • Clinically proven and safe to be worn for long periods of time
  • Helps you to achieve bigger more satisfying erections
  • Permanent increases in penis, size, length and girth
  • Has a unique 58 way comfort system 
  • See Results In As Little As Two Weeks

How Does Size Genetics Work?

7db5c105989cb533cea049114817cfa9The Size Genetics System works by the time honoured tradition of traction and delivers a powerful 2,800 grams of traction, this is 50% more power than other penis enlargers and it does this without any damage to the penis.

Applying steady yet gentle pressure to the penis, the Size Genetics device painlessly stretches the cells within the Copora cavernosa (the chamber within the penis that holds blood during erections). These cells then separate and split, helping to regenerate new healthy cells which in turn, enlarges your penis.

As the copora cavernosa enlarges, the penis can hold more blood which means larger and harder erections.

When Will I See Results?

Many users see small gains within just 2 weeks of daily use.

However In just 8-16 weeks, users have reported a overall growth of penis size and girth by up to 19%. – thats an amazing increase in length of between 2 and 3″

Results will depend on the individual, your starting size and how committed you are to wearing the device regularly.

Where To Buy Size Genetics

Size Genetics can be purchased online worldwide from the manufacturer’s website.

Every order is sent quickly and discreetly. They offer a full 180 day (six month) money back 8f9cc93dda584b62396e320b1cb7a280guarantee, as long as you try your Size Genetics device for a minimum of 4 months and if within the 6 month period from purchase you are not completely satisfied with the results you can simply return the device for a full refund.

There are 3 packages to choose from; 

For beginners is the Size Genetics Value Edition Package priced at just £129.91* ($199.00) which includes the Size Genetics device and 1” and 2” elongation bars, comfort pad and strap plus the instructional DVD.

*prices correct at time of writing

We Recommend..

Our best buy is the Size Genetics Comfort Package which costs just £227.36,($350.00) this includes the Size Genetics device with 58 way ultimate way comfort system and 3 elongation bars for even greater gains.

For your protection, the manufacturers offer an optional 24 month warranty for just £25.99 this covers you for your device, the materials and the production and assembly of the device. 

You May Have Dreamed Of A Larger Penis But Now You Don’t Have To…

Size Genetics Will Help

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