What Are Volume Pills

What Are Volume Pills And How Do They Work?

Reduced sperm and low sperm count can not only have hugely negative effects on a man’s confidence when it comes to sexual performance, it can also be an issue when looking to conceive.

It’s widely accepted that a healthy, full ejaculate is an essentialLowSpermCount part of a satisfying sexual experience, so it’s no surprise that men who struggle to achieve this can be left feeling wanting.

So What Options Are Available?

Volume Pills are fast becoming the go-to product for men looking to take things up a notch in the bedroom. It certainly seems that these supplements are becoming the next big thing, with these powerful little pills becoming a handy stand by for men looking to inject some energy and fun into the bedroom. So what are they, how do they work and, most importantly, do they work?

Put Simply, Volume Pills increase the volume of semen given off during ejaculation and support strong, long-lasting erections. This can lead to increased confidence and a more fun, fulfilling sex life packed with both sexual desire and pleasure.

Volume pills consist of a unique natural blend centering on a number of key ingredients to increase sperm volume, erection quality and sexual stamina. Here’s a few of the more common ingredients found in these products:


This herbal compound contains L-dopa, which triggers the brain to produce more dopamine – this is known to enhance sexual pleasure.

Xi lan rou gui

This Chinese herb dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to the penis to create hard, lasting erections.


This natural fruit is power packed with libido enhancing, semen building properties… its little wonder that it has earned the nickname of Natures Viagra

Ku Gua

This herb works to reduce body fat, thereby increasing the production of testosterone – this increases semen production and sex drive.

Trihydroxyflavone and embilica officinalis

These compounds work to promote penis health and improve penis function.

San Gao Mu

This herbal extract controls the body’s blood pressure and heart rate, which is key to fending off erectile dysfunction.

Dong Chong Xia Cao
This herb increases testosterone production, which goes hand in hand with high levels of sexual desire.

Zinc oxide
This mineral is a powerhouse when it comes to sexual vigor, and works by increasing testosterone metabolism.

 Xian Mao

This ancient Chinese aphrodisiac is, in essence, a natural Viagra.

Race for life

So How Do Volume Pills Work?

They target the semen-producing glands in the body to produce greater amounts of semen, which is then supplied to the penis during orgasm for a truly explosive experience.

What’s more, the increased workload the glands take on in producing semen contribute to an overall sense of sexuality that tends to leave you feeling more satisfied during sex.

The good news? It looks like good quality Volume Pills really do do the trick –  there are plenty of legitimate testimonials from users who have increased sperm volume by up to 500% and become completely reinvigorated in the bedroom. The fact that they are 100% natural is a major coup too, and it rules out any adverse side effects.

It’s important to remember, though, that these pills aren’t an overnight remedy – increasing sperm levels takes time, and volume pills should be taken for at least a couple of months in order to achieve any tangible results. But according to user reviews, it looks like they are worth waiting for.

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