What Are Penis Pumps?

 Penis Pumps – What They Are And How They Work

Erectile dysfunction is more than an inconvenience – not only can it be extremely damaging to self esteem and mental wellbeing, it can also put a huge strain on relationships when individual needs aren’t being met.

So how can the issue be addressed? Of the many options available to men experiencing erectile dysfunction, a popular one is the penis pump, or vacuum constrictive device (VCD).

The penis pump is an external pump with a band to help support men achieve and Bathmate-and-Penomet-Penis-Pumpsmaintain an erection. It consists of a cylinder, usually acrylic, with a pump that’s directly attached to the tip of the penis. A sealing ring or gaiter is then placed on the cylinder at the other end, which is applied to the body.

How Do Pumps Work

Here’s how it works: once placed on the penis, the air is pumped out of the cylinder to create a vacuum effect. This draws blood into the shaft, making it swell and be become erect. Once the desired erection is attained, the pump is removed after releasing the vacuum. Erections gained by pumps usually remain for up to 30 minutes – long enough for satisfying intercourse..

There are a couple of choices available when it comes to penis pumps – those that use just air and those that use both air and water to create an erection. Known as hydro penis pumps, these use water pressure to send blood to the penis, distributing the pressure more easily.

Penis-Hydro-Pumping-TipsHydro pumps ( two of the best being Penomet or Bathmate ) use warm water, which fills the pump before it is placed on the penis (usually while in the bath or shower). This warms the skin tissue in the penis to help stretching, while the warm temperature enhances muscle growth and soothes the penis.  The cylinder is then pumped to remove the water and facilitate blood flow to the penis.

Pumps that use water are generally considered to be safer and more effective

While penis pumps are largely safe to use (hence their popularity), there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, it’s important to choose a device with a quick release feature, as there have been a few reported injuries to the penis by people who have used a pump that releases its vacuum within too quickly or too slowly.

What’s more, penis pumps should be used with caution by men who have any kindpenis-pump-23 of congenital bleeding disorder or medical condition involving priapism (an extended often painful erection), like sickle cell anemia or leukemia.

Erections created with a penis pump tend to be colder and number than those achieved naturally, and users can sometimes experience a small area of bruising on the base of the penis. Another thing to bear in mind is that ejaculation tends to decrease in force when the constriction band is being worn.

That said, penis pumps are a largely safe, non-invasive way to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and other conditions that affect sexual functioning. Between 50-80% of men are generally thought to be pleased with the results experienced when using a penis pump, and they’re also readily available at decent prices. So what are you waiting for?

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