Traction Devices – How Do They Work

 Penis Enlargement – How Do Traction Devices Work?

Let’s face it – most men fret about the size of their penis, whether they admit it or not.

Penis traction devices are one of those things that seem to be good to be true – after all, it’s difficult to believe that something so simple could actually be effectivecmjkqwpmflqutt6qwdxg and increasing penis size. But as men continue to snap up traction devices in their droves, it certainly looks like this simple but mighty piece of kit is here to stay.

While penis traction devices have long been a popular option for men looking to increase the length and girth of their penis, they have recently become a common option for treating conditions affecting the penis, too. This includes Peyronie’s Disease, which involves an often-painful curvature of the penis, and although a newcomer in this field, traction devices are an option that many men living with Peyronie’s are now turning to.

The quickest Google search, however, can be pretty overwhelming, with a seemingly endless ocean of options out there to chose from. So just how do they work, are they are worthwhile investment and what should you be looking for? Let’s take a look…

How Do Traction Devices Work

Traction devices really showcase science at its simplest – by offering gentle, sustained traction, they stretch the cells, blood vessels and the skin tissue inside the penis, promoting increased growth thereby lengthening the penis.

They use the same proven medical principle of traction that doctors have used for years to lengthen or straighten injured or stunted limbs – a proven and effective treatment.

While there are endless models on the market ultimately all penis traction devices are pretty similar – and they all fundamentally work in the same way. They widely consist of a ring at the base that fits around the root of the penis, resting on the pubic bone. They then have either one or two adjustable rods that extend from the base, and a flexible band that’s placed over the top of the penis to holed and secure the device.

penis-extender-in-useThese devices can keep the penis under traction for a number of hours per day, working to effectively stretch the penis. This stretching of the tissue triggers the body’s natural response of growing new tissue cells to ease the tension, thereby adding to the penis length or girth. For men experiencing Peyronie’s disease, traction devices have a similar effect by breaking down the plaques that cause the curvature and ultimately straightening the penis.

There are numerous pros to using traction devices – they are cost effective, easy to get your hands on, simple to use (and can often be worn under clothing)… and they are proven to work. Traction devices are not overnight cures.. many men have experience gains of between two and three inches when consistently using a traction device over a few months – the amount of time it can take for the cells to begin to naturally divide and multiply.

There are a few things to bear in mind, however, when it comes to penis traction devices. Firstly, it’s important to use them regularly and for a number of hours at a time, The better quality devices can be worn while you sleep, but inferior ones can sometimes restrict blood supply, with possible side effects that that can bring… Its crucial to always follow the manufacturers instructions and guidelines.

Comfort is King

It’s important to choose an extender that’s comfortable – otherwise you won’t want21124 to wear it – the better quality traction devices offer ‘comfort systems’ that contour to the shape of the penis, allowing for extended periods of use (the key to success). Quality is key, too (after all, down below is the last place you want to be using cheap, plastic junk!), and opting for a medical grade device is your best bet – there are several ones out there that are used and recommended by medical professionals…

“Buy the best that you can afford – this is not the time to cut financial corners….”


A very basic penis extender will cost from around £90… there are medically approved devices that come with complete comfort systems that range between £190 and £400.

A good device will have solid medical backing and it will also offer a lengthy cash back guarantee.. the best devices give users a full 6 month cash back guarantee…

The bottom line? Traction devices are proven to work….it takes time and commitment, but they are without doubt the best way to lengthen or straighten your penis..

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