The Importance Of Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide – The Secret To Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can affect virtually all men at some point in their lives , and can often have real, long lasting impact on relationships, self confidence and body image. Deciding on an appropriate way to treat erectile dysfunction can be tricky, as 9195032there’s a seemingly never ending range of treatment options available – in fact, a quick Google search brings up pages and pages of different options claiming to offer miraculous overnight results.

While it’s important to be realistic about what to expect from treatments, there are effective options out there that will help you wave goodbye to erectile dysfunction. In fact, there’s one compound that’s fast becoming a popular, effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction – nitric oxide.

Yes, we know it sounds unlikely, but stay with us – the body’s blood vessels use this chemical to give the muscles a signal to relax. This increases blood flow, which is essential to enabling the penis to stay erect.  Studies have shown impressive correlation between increased nitric oxide uptake and a reduction in erectile dysfunction symptoms, and we think this treatment option is much more than a flash in the pan.

Upping intake of nitric oxide precursors is a great place to start to increase the body’s natural rate of producing nitric oxide. What’s more, these nutrients will increase the dilation of the body’s tiniest vessels, including those supplying the penis.



Adding vegetables like spinach, beets and kale to your diet will supercharge your body’s ability to produce nitric oxide, as will the with polyphenols found in cocoa and pomegranate. The ultimate sources of these precursors, however, is the citruline found in foods like watermelon  and even more so – the afore mentioned Pomegranate ( often referred to as natures Viagra).


There are also heaps of nitric oxide supplements available that deliver these necessary nutrients to the right place in one quick and easy step. Male Extra is a male-extrapopular example – this comprehensive (and natural) formula helps to dramatically enhance nitric oxide production in the arteries and brain, with many devout followers enjoying huge improvements in erectile dysfunction symptoms, along with a profound boost in sex drive..

Nitric oxide supplements are also available in bead form – these are less than 1mm in width and are injected into the penis where they release nitric oxide to widen blood vessels and improve blood supply. In fact, they are thought to be more effective at easing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction than the prescription drug Viagra.

So if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, isn’t it time you gave a nitric oxide boosting supplement like Male Extra a try?

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