Male Edge Penis Extender Review

Male Edge Penis Extender Review

Male Edge: Give Yourself An Edge In The Bedroom

Step away from the needle! If you’re looking for ways to maximise your manhood, painful, invasive surgery isn’t the only option. There is a host of safe and easy ways to try and pack a bigger punch, and an increasingly popular option is tractionMale Edge Penis Extender devices.

Penis traction devices work by placing gentle, sustained traction on the penis, which stretches the skin tissue inside the penis at cellular level, eventually generating permanent growth…

Here we take a look at Male Edge, a traction device that claims to be a safe, easy to use option that, like similar devices, stretches the penis using medically approved traction to encourage new tissue growth.

Male Edge also promises that it’s the only clinically proven, scientifically tested penis enlarger – so it must be effective, right? We take a close look…

How Does Male Edge Work?

Male Edge is made by Danish manufacturer Danamedic, they were actually responsible for the very first publicly available penis extender called the Jes Extender….

With over 350,000 units sold worldwide, it still remains at the top of the list when looking at quality and results….The Male Edge traction device is a more up to date derivative of its elder sibling, by using lighter/stronger materials, it promises to provide similar results but is considered a more comfortable, and easier to use device…

It works by applying a steady pulling pressure (traction) to the penis shaft, causing the penises internal tissue cells and blood vessels to divide and multiply (which is known as cytokinesis).

This encourages the growth of new penis tissue, adding to the length and girth of the penis if used over a sustained period of time.

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Directions for Use

Male-Edge-ExtraMale Edge comes with an instructional DVD, so there’s no risk of not knowing what you’re doing. What’s more, as it’s light and fairly compact it’s very user friendly and can even be worn under loose trousers.

Simply fit over your penis, attach using the strapping etc as supplied, then set the pulling pressure to one thats comfortable to you and leave the device to do its work..

User Feedback

There’s lots of positive feedback around this device – according to user testimonials it’s easy to use (and easy to change the pressure settings), light and comfortable, and sits at a lower price point to similar alternatives.

Many people have experienced strong gains in penis length when used for a number of months, and the product has some devout fans.

For all the hype, however, there’s a tiny amount of negative sentiment. The product uses plastic in some places rather than metal, as a result there are people out there who place this product in the ‘cheap and nasty’ category.

There are a very small number of complaints that customer service on the manufacturer’s behalf is lacking, too…..


Where To Buy Male Edge

Male Edge can be purchased from the manufacturer DanaMedic at, where the basic model costs €129.00 EUR (£91.30) (there are also ‘extra’ and ‘pro’ bundles available for €149 (£105) and €169 (£120) respectively).

The product can also be found online at other re-seller websites.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

The manufacturer has a downloadable form on its website for repairs and replacements, they also echo their original Jes Extender guarantee in that they promise to refund DOUBLE your purchase price, if after following the instructions and using the device as directed that you fail to achieve any increase in length…

‘Affordable And Comfortable To Wear’

Our Thoughts

A lighter device, much easier to wear and operate… also more affordable than the original Jes Extender…. Male Edge offers users effective penis enlargement on a budget from a company with a proven pedigree..

Check Out Their Official Website – Click Here

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  1. Glad you guys have reviewed this device, I have heard about it before and wanted some independent feedback… i haven’t got much money to spare but this certainly looks like its the one for me to try…. I will come back and let you know how it goes.. Thanks Andy

    • Glad we could be of help Andy… There is nothing on the Male Edge device that concerns us.. the people that make it are very highly regarded and seem to know their stuff…. after all since their first device was launched, they have sold well over 300,000 devices.. you wouldn’t do that if the product was rubbish…


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