Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender Review

The First, The Original And Still The Best Penis Enlargement Device 

Lots of men are dissatisfied and even embarrassed with the size of their penis, many opt for penile surgery that is not only risky, painful and expensive, it can also lead to permanent scarring and long-term if not, permanent side effects that can have a negative impact on sex.

The Jes Extender has been around since 1994, it was the very first commerciallyjes-extender-original-comfort-sku103 available device and to date over 350,000 devices have been sold worldwide.

Clinically proven with the CE certificate and approved by the European Union, Jes Extender has helped thousands of men around the world enlarge their penis safely, painlessly and effectively. It’s also a treatment for Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis).

The Jes Extender is a special penis enlargement device that helps to enlarge the length and girth of your penis – as much as 24% by using the traditional method of traction.

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It uses a unique comfort strap for added comfort and ease of use, especially when worn underneath clothing and it’s safe to be worn every during sleep.

Jes Extender Benefits

  • Increase of overall penis size in 1.1 inches over 4  months using 1200g of traction force and an extra 0.74 inches to the penis when flaccid
  • Corrects Peyronies disease and penile curvature
  • Comfortable to wear under clothing 
  • Discreet and unobtrusive 
  • Gives visible results in 6-8 weeks
  • Longer, stronger erections and increased blood flow to the penile area

How Does Jes Extender Work?

Jes-Extender-2Jes Extender uses the proven method of traction…. This technology has been used for many centuries, originally by ancient tribes who use special devices to enlarge or lengthen parts of the body such as necks, lips and ears as for religious, spiritual and traditional reasons by using varying degrees of pressure and stretching, its the same principle as used by doctors today to lengthen or straighten damaged or stunted limbs..

Jes Extender uses a similar method to enlarge the penis with daily wear. When the device is worn daily over a period of a few months, the penile cells are gently and continuously stretched; this helps to expand and multiply the cells. With these new cells, the penis can then be enlarged permanently.

Users of the device have reported an increase of at least 24% and 19% increase in girth.

How Do I Use The Jes Extender?

The Jes Extender is easy to wear and is not at all bulky and uncomfortable.

To wear the device, simply slide the base over the penis until its level with the base of the penis. Then attach the rods to match the size of your penis, followed by attaching the end piece and special comfort strap. The penis is then placed under a gentle but firm pulling or stretching pressure which with time triggers the duplication  of the internal cells resulting in increased growth..

How Long Until I See Results?

Most users who wear the device daily will see visible results in penis length and girthjes-extender within 2-3 months, though some will see results sooner, it all depends on how your body responds to the traction. Some users notice growth in as little as two weeks

For optimum results, you should try and wear the Jes Extender for as long as possible each day – at least two to three hours if possible.

Your erection quality and erection strength will be drastically improved within a few months of using the device on a daily basis.

Where To Buy Jes Extender

Jes Extender is available to buy direct from its manufacturers with worldwide delivery and free delivery on eligible orders.

There is a wide range of devices in the range…The entry level Jes Extender ‘light standard’ device is priced at just £155.00. ($239.00)

The other models range from £174.00 ($269) for the Original extender right through to the Jes Extender Platinum (yes its made in platinum) at £909.00 ($1399).

Guaranteed To Work Or DOUBLE Your Money Back

Jes Extender offer a truly remarkable guarantee…. Use as directed and if you don’t enjoy noticeable results, they will refund double your purchase price!!….Now that shows a manufacturers faith and belief in a product….

Join The Thousands Of Men In The Quest For A Larger Penis—

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