Bringing Back the Bedroom Va Va Voom With Viagra

There’s no denying it – Viagra is the prescription drug king of erectile dysfunction treatments. Also known as sildenafil, Viagra makes it easier for the body to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual arousal, and works its magic by relaxing muscles and directing blood flow to where in matters – the penis.

These tiny blue tablets are used by millions of men across the world to overcome impotence and keep up in the bedroom. Originally conceived by accident by the drug manufacturer Pzifer Corp when it was trying to develop medication to help lower blood pressure and treat angina, Viagra initially produced erections in 80% of men during a trial of 4,000 subjects. It was fast-tracked through the Food and Drink Administration approvals process in the US and made available from 1998.

Only Get It From Your Doctor

The first thing worth mentioning is that Viagra should only be obtained via a prescription from your Doctor  – this way you can be sure that it’s right for you and your individual symptoms, and that you know what dosage to take. While a 50mg oral dose Viagra is usually taken as people need it – between 30-60 minutes before sex – getting the correct amount from your Doctor is essential.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that Viagra can magically summon up an erection from thin air, and while it is a powerful drug, this is simply not true –  Viagra supports the body’s natural sexual stimulation, enabling men to reach an erection during arousal.

Side Effects

While Viagra is largely safe to use, like all prescription drugs it isn’t immune from side effects. The side effects most commonly associated with Viagra include an upset stomach, stuffy nose, headaches, sensitivity to light as well as an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

The real warning signs to look out for are dizziness, nausea or pain, tingling or even numbness in the chest, arms, jaw or neck while having sex – in cases like this you should contact your doctor as a matter of emergency. Some people can also be allergic to Viagra, with indicators including swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, difficulty in breathing and hives on the skin all clear indicators that something’s not right.

Interactions With Other Drugs

viagra-online-salesAnother important reason why talking to your GP about Viagra is a must is that it can interfere with a number of other medications. It’s recommended, for example, not to take Viagra if you are taking other medication to treat impotence. Some antibiotics, medicines that treat HIV and aids and treatments for hyper tension (or high blood pressure) are also known to interfere with the way Viagra works, so always keep your doctor in the loop of any other medications you’re taking.

Oh, and another point – drinking alcohol and, perhaps more interestingly, grapefruit juice may also lead to side effects when reacting with Viagra.

While these side effects and potential dangers tend not to affect the majority of Viagra users, it’s clear to see why the prescription drug route doesn’t float everyone’s boat. The good news is that there are stacks of natural options out there that are proven to help ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction without the potentially dodgy side effects of Viagra.vigrx-plus-300x300

One such product is VigRx Plus.. originating in the US, but now available here in the UK ( in fact worldwide) it promises ‘viagra type results’ without the health risks associated with viagra and similar prescription treatments.

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