Bathmate Hydromax X Series Review

Bathmate Hydromax X Series

Introducing The Next Generation Of Bathmate 

Following on from the success of the original Bathmate pumps; Hercules and Goliath, Bathmate Hydromax X Series has arrived offering 35% more power than its predecessors for even more impressive gains and improved comfort and safety.

The Hydromax X boasts a brand new design, in 2 sizes (X30 and X40) with a bellows system unlike no other, Home_-_Official_Hydromax_Pumpwhich is not only robust but is also flexible and comfortable to wear allowing you to create greater vacuum with less effort.

Thanks to the larger internal size of the bellows, your penis has extra room for even greater girth expansion.

Hydromax X Benefits

  • Increased Penis Length And Girth 
  • Stronger, More Powerful Erections
  • Less Need To Pump Without Losing Suction
  • Medical-Grade, Skin-Friendly Material
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Results Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back 

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What Makes Hydromax X Better

Hydromax X has a number of new exciting features making your penis enlargement journey both easier and more effective.

Removable Comfort Pad

pads1Super soft comfort pads provide a tighter yet more comfortable seal against the body to reduce the need for constant pumping and prevents any loss of suction.

The pads can then be removed and are easily cleaned making them very hygienic.

The inner tube securely and gently shields the penis from the inside of the bellows.

Superflow Latch Valve

The manufacturers have developed a special new latch valve that prevents waterlatch from leaking out when filling and makes it even easier so you can do it one handed while you sort yourself out.

The new valve also has a unique slow pressure release so that the user cannot over pump and risk damage to your penis.

New Measuring Guide

The Hydromax X has been designed with an easy to understand measuring guide in both metric and imperial so you can understand your results and closely monitor your progress.

hydromax_measureEach Bathmate Hydropump is made of the finest medical grade material that is dermatologically tested and approved, they contain no phthalates and are completely safe to use around delicate areas such as the genitals.

How To Use Hydromax X

The manufacturers provide a full usage guide to get the best out of your hydromax pump as explained below;

  • Slide latch into its correct position – The latch valve on the top of the pump has 3 positions; top, middle and bottom. The top and bottom positions will close the valve, the central position simply opens the valve. To open your hydromax, push down and move latch to the central position.
  • Choose your comfort pad and insert inside the vessel – Choose the right comfort pad for you and insert it carefully into the vessel aligning the marking correctly. If you are using the pump in the shower the manufacturers recommend using the short insert pad.
  • Twist the gaiter and vessel to reveal or hide measuring guide – Simply twist the gaiter and the vessel to show or hide the measuring guide so you can keep an eye on your results
  • Get warmed up prior to using Hydromax – If you are having a bath or a shower, allow 5 minutes for your body to warm up and the blood to begin to circulate before using the device.
  • Fill the Hydromax with water and insert penis – Fill the Hydromax completely with water and then carefully insert your penis inside, try not to spill too much water. Pull the Hydromax towards your body to create a tight vacuum (seal).
  • Create suction by pumping and expel water – As you pull the device towards your body you will expel water from the top of the vessel. As you begin to pump the suction will increase and the penis gets pulled in further up inside the pump.
  • Maintain pressure by re-pumping – In order to release pressure to avoid too much suction, the Hydromax is designed to gradually release pressure. As this pressure decreases, you can re-pump to restart the suction.
  • Release the suction and remove – After the recommended 15 minutes, be sure your penis is fully pumped and full of blood and then remove by pressing the whole valve in towards the pump to release the suction.

Where To Buy The Hydromax X Series.

You can purchase your Hydromax X direct from the manufacturers. They ship worldwide and every order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for your piece of mind.

The Hydromax X pump comes in 2 sizes and 3 different colours; Red, Blue and Clear.

The X30 pump is priced at £99.00 and the X40 pump is priced at £129.00.

You can determine which size is right for you by following the instructions on the website.

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