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Viasil – THE Natural Alternative To Viagra

Suffering From Erection Problems Or Lack Lustre Performance ? – Check Out Viasil And Discover What It Can Do For YOU!

buy viasil ukMost of us have had the odd issue with getting an erection – too much to drink, feeling tired, stressed or even nerves when sleeping with a new partner can all cause us to have the occasional erection problem in the bedroom.

If its a rare problem we can usually laugh it off as ‘one of those things’, but what do we do if the problem is a regular thing? Failing to get an erection is known as erectile dysfunction (E.D) and it effects millions of men across the world.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

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There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, some medical drugs can affect our ability to get an erection, some illnesses can also be responsible.

For most of us, if you are generally healthy, its a lack of or reduced blood flow into the penis that is the main reason for over 95% of all cases of ED.

When we became sexually aroused, our brain sends signals though the body to push extra blood to the genital region, as blood flows into the soft tissues within the penis, it fills with blood, swelling and making the penis become stiff and erect.

To assist the blood flow, the body releases a compound called Nitric oxide, which helps to relax and open the blood vessels. This allows more blood to flow freely into the penis, helping to generate a firm and longer lasting erection.

The popular drug Viagra was originally developed to help men with Angina – a heart problem caused by narrowing of the blood vessels.

It was discovered – virtually by accident that it had beneficial effect on erections, and it is this effect that now makes it one of the most prescribed drugs in the world.

There are a couple of downsides to taking Viagra, in many cases you need to have a rather embarrassing consultation with your doctor and possibly a physical examination.

Furthermore the drug has been linked to some rather nasty side effects, which is the sole reason why you really shouldn’t take it without being advised to by your doctor, just in case it does you more harm than good.

Viagra has been linked to heart problems, anxiety, stomach upsets, headaches and a problem with your vision called blue vision, its not suitable for all, especially anybody with other potential health problems.

What Is Viasil?

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With all the concerns surrounding drug based treatments like Viagra, another option is to take a natural supplement, there are literally thousands of products on the market, all promising to deliver ‘viagra type’ results. Its extremely difficult to identify quality products from those that are ineffective.

Regretfully there are some unscrupulous manufacturers who release a cheaply formulated product that will have no benefits other than line the pockets of the makers.

Viasil is an all natural erection boosting supplement, its made by Swiss research labs, a globally recognised and reputable supplement manufacturer.

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Cleverly developed to help treat the single main cause of ED – reduced blood flow, Viasil works in exactly the same way as prescription drugs to boost the release of nitric oxide, helping to relax the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the penis.

Ingredients in Viasil

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Epimedium ( Horny Goat Weed) – High in a compound called Iacarrin, a natural compound that can help to reduce the levels of a protein called PDE5 – this has been linked to reduced blood flow. By reducing PDE5 in your body, you can improve your circulation and nerve stimulation. This has  a positive effect on sexual responses, desire and arousal.

Zinc – An essential mineral that helps to boost a whole wealth of male hormonal activity. It is key to healthy sperm production, boosting sperm quantity, quality and motility. It helps to speed up cellular recovery and boost ejaculation strength and volume.

Citrus Sinensis ( Bitter Orange) – Helps to enhance  ATP production – the cellar process that produces energy in the body.

It is also very high in flavonoids which is responsible for enhancing nitric oxide production in the body. This enhances vasolidilation ( the relaxing and opening of blood vessels) allowing for improved blood flow and harder, more longer lasting erections.

It also provide crucial Vitamin C to the body, improving overall health.

Gingko Biloba – One of the older trees known to man, dating back to the times of the dinosaurs, it has some among health benefits. 

One of which is its ability to help boost nitric oxide production which as we have said before is essential  to strong blood flow. 

It is also high in antioxidants that remove harmful toxins and repair cellular damage. It is also great at helping to calm anxiety, a by-product of ED. With improved confidence your ability to perform in the bedroom will increase.

Tribulus Terrestris – Known to have the ability of improving sex drive by reducing sugar levels and cholesterol, both none to have detrimental effects on sex drive.

Panax Ginseng – Recognised for its ability to reduce stress and boost sexual performance. High in a compound called ginesenosides which helps to boost alertness, concentration, sexual desire and overall endurance.

Pomegranate – Also referred to as Natures Viagra – has a powerful effect on nitric oxide production boosting food flow and the resulting erections, it is also a powerful antioxidant, removing those everyday toxins that cause harm to our cellular function.

How To Take Viasil

Viasil is a daily supplement, each pack contains 30 pills. Simply take one pill daily to experience powerful erections and turbocharged performance

Benefits Of Taking Viasil

  • Revives Your Relationship, taking your love life to a new level.
  • Helps you start new relationships with supreme confidence.
  • Removes that crippling anxiety and self doubt that plagues your bedroom encounters.
  • All natural formula Is effective without causing any side effects.

Where To Buy Viasil In the UK

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Viasil is available to buy online directly from the official website ( The makers ship throughout the UK and in fact worldwide for FREE

Shipping is fast and discreetly packaged to ensure your compete privacy.

Prices for a box containing 30 pills start at £54.99 – You can save money by ordering later quantities –

Our recommendation for best buy is the 3 box package – buying separately would cost you £164.97, you can now get them for £109.99

Cash Back Guarantee

The makers want their customers to be happy with their purchase, they offer a lengthy 100 day cash back guarantee. If you find that it doesn’t work as expected for you, the you can return any unopened/unused products for a full refund.

Final Thoughts On Viasil

With all the well advertised side effects linked to prescription drugs like Viagra, its refreshing that a manufacturer has cleverly developed a product containing a natural list of proven ingredients that deliver powerful erections and heightened sexual performance .

The lengthy cash back guarantee, highlights with the makers belief in their product and their desire for complete customer satisfaction

Viasil is a great product – it works really well and most importantly is safe.

Why don’t you go to the official website and find out more –

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